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VMJ is a subscription based product. The yearly subscription provides unlimited access to the bibliographic database. Please see the terms of use (Conditions d'utilisation)(in French only).

Pricing is based on the type of client and population served. For further details on pricing, please visit Pricing for VMJ.

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    Clients that wish to use VMJ from all workstations within their internal network may use IP authentication. In these cases, please provide your IP addresses in the form below. If you do not know you IP addresses, please consult your network administrator. To know the IP address of your workstation, please click on the following link: IP Address.

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    If you do not have a fixed IP address, you can use a user name and password. If this is the case, please enter the selected password in the form below. SDM will provide a user name. Each user will need to enter this user name and password for each login or each workstation will have to be configured to remember the user name and password.

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