Services documentaires multimédias


  • Repère is an analytical index of articles from specialised or general-interest periodicals published in Francophone countries. Full text of many articles is available More...

  • ChoixMédia is an extensive bibliographic database of substantially all French-language books CD-ROMs, DVDs and other works. More...

  • Transit handles the online management of your orders for bibliographic records of French language documents in MARC21 format, and sends them to you via the Internet the same day. More...

  • SDM’s cataloguing tools help you manage your French authorities more efficiently and also include the French version of the North American cataloguing rules.


Different customers, different answers

Whether you are a school, academic or a public library or a documentation center, SDM has various products that can meet your needs. Click on this link to find which products can help you.


Access bibliographic records

You want to organize your collections according to industry standards? Use carefully designed French tools that are used extensively in North American establishments.

Add titles to a collection

Are you wondering which titles to choose to round out a given subject in your French collections? The school is organizing a theme week? Students are looking for reliable reference works? Having access to professional annotated evaluations and subjects will make your work easier and faster!

Find an article on a specific theme

A user wants to know what the French speaking press is saying about a topic of current interest? Another wants the Full text of a French article that was cited elsewhere. SDM can suggest an excellent tool for the job!