New tools for managing follow-ups in Transit XT

Since many years, Transit gives the option of making a follow-up for an order, on records for which the status is in process, undetermined or unknown. According to the end date and delivery periodicity requested by the user, the finished records during this period are sent automatically. When a follow-up is made on a record, SDM integrates this request in its priorities and do its best to deliver the record before the end of the follow-up. You can find more information on the follow-up options in Transit documentation for the order form.

Starting November 28, 2011, new functionalities are available in Transit XT administration module to better manage those follow-ups. It is now possible to cancel a follow-up completely or in part, for a specific request. Follow-ups can be found by date, order number and even by a UPC or SDM number requested. With the help of those additions, users can therefore submit their non-delivered record to a follow-up and withdraw a request at any time from the follow-up. They can also cancel the whole follow-up, if desired, to submit only part of the order in a new one, for example.

Furthermore, as already requested by some libraries, an option for a daily follow-up was added in the order form. Range for the daily follow-up is limited to two weeks for now.

We hope that those additions will enable our users to make better use of follow-ups in Transit XT.

If more information is needed, please read the new "Managing follow-ups" section in the full documentation of the administration module or you may send your request by email at :

SDM. 2011-11-28