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Transit handles the online management of your orders for bibliographic records in MARC21 format, and sends them to you via the Internet the same day.

The records you receive, either individually or in lots, can then quickly be incorporated into your library catalogue.

Transit offers you access to the entire ChoixMédia and Choix databases, which contain substantially all French-language books, CD-ROMs, DVDs and other works. All records comply with the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR2) and are available to libraries at a very affordable unit price. Since the information is transmitted quickly, Transit lets you get new documents into circulation without delay.

To place an order with Transit, simply sign up, free of charge and download a text file containing a list of the relevant UPC, ISBN and SDM numbers. Please note that ChoixMédia and Choix allow you to consult the record before placing your order with Transit.

The processing of your order begins immediately upon its arrival, and is generally available in less than 30 seconds. You will receive an email message along with files that contain your records and the relevant reports. All results stays available at all time through an orders administration module.

Two benefits that save time!


Transit offers a follow-up service for documents that are not found or are being processed. If the record you are searching for is not yet available, you can ask for it to be automatically sent to you as soon as it is finished. This alert may remain valid up to 10 weeks after your initial order.

Accelerated processing (pre-evaluation)

SDM knows how important it is for you to process new documents as quickly as possible after publication. Therefore, SDM posts online Pre-Evaluation Records (Notices avant évaluation) . These records contain all the bibliographic information required for your catalogue, including classification and subject headings. However, they do not include the rating index (target audience, value/usefulness) or summaries. That way, you immediately have on hand valid and useful data.

Did you know?

Transit allows you to order records directly from ChoixMédia and Choix. Simply add the selected records to your shopping cart. Then, click Send to Transit and you’re done!

To sign up

To use Transit, sign up online.
Signing up is free. You are only charged for the records you order.
  1. Record contents
  2. Record Example

Record contents

Each record contains a standardized bibliographical description (that complies with the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR2)) or with the Resource Description and Access (RDA) rules, and a complete document analysis:
  • Subject keywords from one of two recognized directories of subject headings for youth materials: Laval University's RVM directory (Répertoire des vedettes-matière), or SDM's VMJ directory (Vedettes-matière jeunesse)
  • Dewey Decimal Classification index, based on the 22nd unabridged edition Dublin, Ohio, OCLC, 2003)
  • Rating index (on target audience and value/usefulness)
  • Summary or annotations that give details on the material's content.

The wealth of information contained in the Transit bibliographic records allows you to offer detailed information on French-language books in your online catalog.

Record Example

=LDR 01415nam 2200265 a 4500
=001 A812192
=005 20080621000000.0
=008 080425s2008\\\\quc\\\\\\\\\\\000\f\fre\\\
=020 \\$a9782764606063 (br.) :$c24,95 {dollar}
=024 3\$a9782764606063
=035 \\$aA812192
=040 \\$aSDM$bfre
=082 0\$aC848/.914 L1622j$222
=082 0\$aC843/.914 L1622j$222
=100 1\$aLaferrière, Dany,$d1953-
=245 10$aJe suis un écrivain japonais :$broman /$cDany Laferrière.
=260 \\$a[Montréal] :$bBoréal,$c2008.
=300 \\$a262 p. ;$c22 cm.
=510 4\$aV. Marin La Meslée. Le Point,$c1855, 3 avril 2008
=520 8\$aLa mode du roman du roman (l'oeuvre commente le cours de sa naissance) refait surface (cf. Alain Rambault, etc.) et Dany Laferrière, habile et vif, tire le maximum du procédé en ajoutant un paradoxe (le roman n'existe que par son titre). Comme l'écrit la critique du "Point", ce roman-chronique "raffiné et cru" "donne à déguster l'art poétique de Laferrière au quotidien" et fait le portrait d'un lecteur (Basho est l'auteur de prédilection) devenu écrivain et qui parce qu'il en a "marre des nationalismes culturels" veut devenir un écrivain japonais. [SDM]
=521 \\$aA 5.
=650 \6$aécrivains québécois$vRomans.
=650 \6$aLittérature japonaise$vRomans.
=651 \6$aJapon$xCivilisation$vRomans.
=651 \6$aMontréal (Québec)$xMoeurs et coutumes$vRomans.


« Transit est un très bon service. Nous l’utilisons depuis longtemps. Il n’est pas toujours simple de trouver une notice MARC par Internet. Grâce à Transit, j’y arrive sans problème. »

« Transit est très facile à utiliser. Le site est très clair. »

Linda Allain, technicienne en catalogage de langue française, Prince Edward Island Provincial Library Services


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